From the recording Memory Forming Clouds

Written, Performed, Recorded and Mixed by Mike Legere
Additional Guitars by Greg O’Toole
Bass, Synth, and Additional Vocals by Omar Shabbar
Drums by Colin McNalley
Cello by Raphael Weinroth-Browne


With kindness, heroic
Carrying the last half a century
You shone a light past what I was too young to see
Traipsing through worn paths
Chartered only in your memory
You cherished those warm days
They brought you back into the comfort of youthful beauty

That old closed off fireplace
Against the faint white sheen in the softly falling air
The new wooden stairs out back
When you stepped out and I heard a loud sound there
It was the first time I saw it
The frailty that robs the light from us
And the longing for old selves
Who’d stray off into the tall grass without a care

With loss comes awareness
The passing that makes now then
You kept a tight lid on the long nights that kept you from them
As our visits got more sparse
Fresh off a flight, and attention began to shift
The light gently scattered on worn paths and silences


And oh,
I get sick with looking back
To remember days so violent in their change
And how it all felt like a game
Until the rush left us, quiet, on our own
Through open fields and narrow homes
And how it all felt like a dream
Except so much less serene