1. So Long
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Written, Performed, Recorded and Mixed by Mike Legere
Bass and Synth by Omar Shabbar
Mastered by Kristian Montano


When you’re looking towards the heavens
You know you’re looking to the past
That’s alright by some
They let the sublime wash past
But death won’t wait forever
It’ll find you before that
Better make your peace with the vacuum before your body turns to ash

When you reach event horizon
When your cards turn up the pyre
Clutching tickets to the westbound train
While the station burns like fodder
Will the ember of each smoldering coal resist itself as fire
Or will you find that you were never here
Just a ripple on the water

Always dreaming of the future
And reaching towards the past
That light, off in the distance
Trying to set a path
Gently singing a siren song,
A direction to distract.
You better make your peace with nowhere;
Somewhere’s always fleeting fast

Your love is like a bullhorn
It screams over the lake
It travels over space and time to find me, all this way
But by the time it reaches me it doesn’t sound the same
And I’m not sure how to love you back when the signals bound the change