1. Billboard

From the recording Billboard

Billboard was recorded at The Root Down Studio in Toronto by Mike Legere and his band, and was mastered by Kristian Montano. Artwork taken from the Love Songs in Fear of Dying Penniless video by Greg Francis.


Everything bigger, holier, sicker
Perform the heart
Actions imitate art and they all blur
Everyone’s story told then untold in a grand line
Pretty, Inordinate
Everything always could be mine

I can’t be what you need

All of your thoughts on a billboard somewhere by a highway
Hungry and mean, unintentionally bleak and imperfect
Noble and viscous
Strung out and nauseous with teeth marks
Bled from your eyes
And then moulded to sell pretty plastic

Randomize the sugar release and I keep trying
Everything chaos, impeccable, bleached and impersonal
Keep your receipts in a drawer in a fold in a hallway
Everything marketed, marked and accountable
Keep lying

I can be what you need…I can be what you need
I can’t be what you need
What you believe
What you…