1. Divergence

From the recording Memory Forming Clouds

Written, Performed, Recorded and Mixed by Mike Legere
Additional Synths by Omar Shabbar
Mastered by Kristian Montano


Locked to your eyes as they spun me out
Your words were fire and I tried to fight it
I want to feel the way that I felt after I met you that night
I lay in our bed and I just can’t shake it
The feeling that something ain’t right
Weighted by years
Crushed by reflection
With a vision of your heart outrunning intention

I made up that room again for the show of it
The bartenders drinking in everyone’s sight
Your quivering lips
As they’re met by his
With a lead up that frays, but you don’t pull away

Locked to your eyes as they spun me out
Again and again, burning my skin
I want to live that whole night again
I want to dream, but the daylight creeps in